More Techniques 2
There are a number of examples of drawing and painting on YouTube.

One and Two-Point Perspective

Painting People

Pen and Ink with Watercolor - using a big brush... and ink on last.

Using masking fluid
Tip: Protect brush with washing up liquid before using.
Shading - mark-making for basic shading in drawing

Shading Light and Form - Basics

Pencil Portrait Drawing Tutorial - Shading
My friend, John Jones, demonstrates his shading technique.

Pencil drawing by John Jones

Best of Sebastian "Seb" Lester's Hand Drawn Calligraphy Videos

More about Seb here.


Drawing still life - CattusOK (Using perspective lines)

(no sound with this clip)


Drawing with thread and ink

How to draw a VW Camper Van - by Shoo Rayner

(Using perspective lines and boxes)
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