Session 1 Review
(28 April 2015)

Conveying Emotion and Atmosphere in Art

In this session we considered how artists convey emotion and atmosphere in and through their drawing and painting. The PowerPoint shown in the session is available below for anyone who missed seeing it or would like to view it again.

Artists often wish to capture mood, or express a particular viewpoint, belief, or feeling, in ways that can be transmitted visually to affect others in a similar, or some other, way.

We explored the use of colour, line and texture, to depict and express a range of emotion and mood - from joy to sadness, stillness and calm to frustration and anger.

Session 2 (5 May 2015)

You are going to select a subject - perhaps from current affairs, news, your local community, or family.

You will then paint or draw a scene that conveys emotion and atmosphere. Your work can be figurative (where it is clearly derived from real object sources, and is therefore by definition representational) or abstract (by shape, form, colour and line, to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world).

Think about what you wish to convey to your audience. Use colour, line and texture to represent movement, emotional expression and depth. If you are drawing, have a look at this technique: Chiaroscuro

If you want to take a photograph, you may work from that, so long as it fits with the subject area mentioned above. If you do decide to use a photo, the feelings you want to express should be conveyed by your treatment of the image in your final drawing or painting.

Don't be afraid of being bold in your mark-making.

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