Session 2 Review
(Tuesday 5 May 2015)

In this session the group decided to use paint or pastels. At first, most thought it would be quite straight forward to render their chosen scene in a way that conveyed feeling. However, it quickly became clear that the translation of the ideas through the chosen medium wasn't easy.

It's important to keep in mind, what you wish to convey to your audience. Use colour, line and texture to represent movement, emotional expression and depth. If you try drawing, have a look at this technique: Chiaroscuro

Try sketching a few ideas quite quickly. Sometimes this technique brings out unexpected things you can use. Don't be afraid of being bold in your mark-making. Take a look at the videos below.

Session 3 (Tuesday 12 May 2015)

Continuation of the work from session 2.

Some of you have mentioned using a new subject for your work. The aim is still to convey the feeling you have for a current subject to those who might eventually see your art.

Session 4 (Tuesday 19 May 2015)

The Secret Life of a Matchbox The aim of this session is to take an ordinary matchbox and draw or paint it in a way to reveal a 'secret'. See some of the results here.

Sessions 5-7